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cocokacangbreakfastthieves_2.jpg The Edge

All things bright and beautiful

Lifestyle Jul 22, 2017

Amy Liang, founder of design studio CocoKacang, on her latest projects and what design means to her. 

designplatform_4.jpg by Cierre for The Edge

Designer platform — Stefano Conficconi, CEO and owner of Cierre

Lifestyle Jul 20, 2017

Cierre’s products — primarily armchairs, sectionals and sofas, followed by tables, beds and decorative items — are a convergence of Italian handicraft tradition and new technology.

indiamodern_11.jpg by Ramprasad Akkisetti & Deepak Kaw for The Edge

A thoroughly modern haveli

Lifestyle Jul 12, 2017

For eminent architect Professor Christopher Benninger and Ramprasad Akkisetti, curator and founder of the India House art gallery, home is where work-life balance can truly be found.

ikeachinasquatters_afp.jpg by AFP for The Edge

At Ikea, Chinese shoppers make themselves at home

Lifestyle Jul 12, 2017

The Chinese have a peculiar penchant for making themselves at home in the Swedish retailer's air-conditioned showrooms, snoozing on beds, dozing on couches, and eating at dinner tables…

vienna_123rf.com_.jpg by 123rf for The Edge

Vienna historic centre added to UNESCO 'in danger' list

Lifestyle Jul 08, 2017

The historic centre of Vienna, with its grand Baroque castles, monuments and buildings, was added to the UNESCO list of sites in danger due to a high-rise project that the body says will undermine the area's value.

000_qb78g.jpg By AFP for The Edge

Hunchback's dream: Returning Paris's Notre Dame to glory

Lifestyle Jul 07, 2017

Paris is sounding the alarm, seeking donations notably from US patrons to help pay for the work, pledging to match up to four million euros donated to a heritage fund.

washingtonpapertubes_afp.jpg by AFP for The Edge

US architect creates paper 'forest' inside museum

Lifestyle Jul 07, 2017

Inside the two smaller domes, visitors are invited to play instruments made of commonplace construction materials like copper pipes, wrenches and drainage pipes.

000_q87ja.jpg By AFP for The Edge

Don't look down: Glass bottom skywalk thrills in China

Lifestyle Jul 06, 2017

The world's longest cantilevered glass skywalk is delighting and terrifying visitors in China.

hellokitty_2_afp.jpg by AFP for The Edge

Ex-Japan policeman breaks records with Hello Kitty collection

Lifestyle Jul 05, 2017

Masao Gunji, who spent his working life on the trail of hardened criminals, now spends his retirement tracking down pink and white soft toys to keep in a Hello Kitty-themed house, which he built specially and has become a magnet for tourists. 

fb_elightened_2.jpg by Eric Chow/Blink Studo for The Edge


Lifestyle Jul 04, 2017

Step out of the shadows and into the light with these inspired (and, dare we say, designer-divine) lights and lamps for both the home and workspace.