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Dear Chris, I am an Australian tourist currently travelling in Penang. On the March 6, 2017, I answered to a room rental ad at I made an appointment to view the room on the 1st floor. Downstairs is a commercial laundry business. I told the lessee, that I will try sleeping there for a night to see if it suits me. If I didn't like it, I will pay her RM100 for the night. I deposited MYR500 to show my sincerity. I do not use the air conditioner (AC) and there was no fan. My intention was to use the big room to do my yoga again, as I am getting unfit from all the travelling. Anyway, I was convinced by her boyfriend to try out the room for a month. He will try and fix up a ceiling fan. Only talk. I ended buying a table fan. They both rented the 2-storey shop lot for their business, and sublet the floor above for private rental and homestay. The rent was advertised for RM1,200, two single beds and one double, suitable for four people. As, I am alone, I managed to bargain it down to RM900. We have a verbal agreement that I will pay one month rent and one month rental deposit. I was given two simple receipts (see attached). There was no documentation/agreement. The girlfriend said she will make one up but have never got around to doing it. I got sick for three days from the AC and informed them I am leaving the place on March 13, 2017 and want my rent deposit of RM900 back. I will forego the first month rent. I was there for only eight days. They seem to be avoiding me over the refund. Do I stand a chance of getting the deposit back? Thank you.

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