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Hi Dato Joey,
My terraced house faces E2 and I want to conduct renovation at the back portion of the house (which is the SW, W and NW).
Should I do it before 2017 starts or after Feb 4, 2017?
Please advise.
Thank You.

Fri, 2016-11-25 08:56

Where renovation is concerned, there are a few steps in Date Selection that have to be followed.
First, identify the Facing and Sitting Direction of the property. In this case, the house is Facing the East and Sitting in the West.
Second, identify the Year of Birth of the occupants. Unfortunately, we do not have that information at this point but it is imperative to know this to avoid any sort of clash. A clash can occur should the renovation take place during an inauspicious month and sector.
Third, avoid starting at the negative sectors, for instance the annual and monthly 5 Yellow and 3 Killings. In this case, the 3 Killings reside in the South sector of December 2016 and will move to the East sector in January 2017. It would be advisable to start and complete the renovation process in the month of December 2016.
As for 2017, the annual 3 Killings will reside in the East, therefore this sector should remain ill agitated by avoiding major renovations or tearing up the grounds. You can always opt to renovate in January, but be sure to pay attention to the sectors that must not be disturbed. — Dato Joey Yap

Tue, 2016-12-13 14:19