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Hello Dato, I recently purchased a condo in KL. My unit is in Tower B, on the 18th floor, and the unit's entrance is facing North and the balcony is facing South. The property's entrance is at West/South-West. There is a primary school right next to Tower A. Is the Feng Shui generally good in this property? Does this property has good flow of Qi?
I was born in the year of the Rabbit and my wife the year the Horse. Any tips to improve the Feng Shui of our unit? Thanks!

Tue, 2016-10-11 12:35

From a Feng Shui perspective, the area surrounding the condo is great. This is because there are mountains all around, which provide benefits in aspects of career and wealth.
However, it would be difficult for us to point out exactly how you can tap the positive Qi provided by these mountains as it would require on-site inspection to clearly see which sectors they reside in.
Despite being in the same area, each unit has its own Feng Shui setting, which makes tapping the beneficial Qi provided by the environment very different from each other. — Dato Joey Yap

Mon, 2016-11-07 12:29