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Our semi-D home is located on a hill slope which is terraced very neatly at Taman Ukay Perdana. Our front of the house is facing North East and has a retaining wall of about 30 feet high. Currently, the houses in front of us are under renovation where the two Semi-Ds are combined to become a bungalow. They are also building an open air V-shaped porch ("hat"), which I believe will be used for viewing purposes.
My question is — would the presence of a "hat" pointing towards our house located below have any negative elements.

Tue, 2017-01-03 16:14

This ‘hat’ pointing towards your home poses no negative effect whatsoever to its inhabitants, unless it has a sharp edge that points directly towards your Main Door. Only then would it be able to cause detrimental effects. If you find that its edges are indeed sharp, you can negate the effects by blocking its trajectory with plants outside of your home. Be careful not to block Qi from entering your home with this negation as the fundamentals of home Feng Shui require you to receive Qi from the external environment. — Datuk Joey Yap

Mon, 2017-01-23 17:39