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Kajang, a relatively small township in the eastern region of Selangor, is Hulu Langat’s district capital. Dwelling approximately 21 kilometers from Malaysia’s bustling capital Kuala Lumpur, Kajang - although small indeed - has experienced significant growth due to its proximity to the city. It is also included as part of Klang Valley or Greater Kuala Lumpur.

Property Development

The Sungai Chua area particularly shows elevation in property value with an expected further hike in the near future. Apart from that, since 2004 a number of other townships have sprouted within the region. These include Taman Prima Saujana (accessible directly from Jalan Cheras) and Taman Kajang Perdana, also known as Kajang Highlands. A noteworthy amount of high-end developments have also mushroomed in the area. Twin Palms, Sri Banyan, Country Heights, Jade Hills and Prima Paramount are among them.

Amenities and Facilities

Kajang has an array of modern and older shopping complexes. One of the oldest malls, The Billion Shopping Center within Kajang Town, has been in the vicinity for more than 15 years. Even more astounding is the recent expansion of its bigger ‘alter ego’ in Taman Technology Kajang. Other than that, alternative shopping complexes include Plaza Metro Kajang, Kota Kajang and Metro Point, which has only lately been opened and running.

There too has been a high influx in the number of new hypermarkets - Giant being the first one and following that Tesco. Both of these centres are located in close proximity creating a hub for shoppers within the town.

In line with many other Malaysian towns, Kajang houses a string of night market or more commonly known locally as pasar malams. These offer local souvenirs and unique knick-knacks and not to forget a wide spectrum of local cuisines.

Famous for a range of Malaysian dishes, Kajang is acknowledged as Satay Town among tourists. Notably renowned for its satay, a kind of barbecued meat on a thin stick. Restoran Malaysia and Haji Samuri are two go to places for this delicacy.

Accessibility and Transportation

Kajang in itself is decently linked with many primary highways and expressways. Kajang Dispersal Link Expressway, which forms Kajang’s ring road, Cheras-Kajang Expressway, North-South Expressway and lying at the southern part of the town near Semenyih, Kajang-Seremban Expressway (LEKAS) are among them. Other forms of public transport available include bus, taxi and train services. The soon to be actualised Klang Valley MRT station in Bandar Kajang exceptionally has stirred considerable buzz.

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178 Projects/Townships (11,872 Transactions)

Taman Kajang Utama
Flat, Terrace House, Town House, Condominium/Apartment, Low-Cost House
Saujana Impian
Terrace House, Town House, Land, Semi-Detached House, Detached House, Flat
Taman Bukit Mewah, Kajang
Flat, Low-Cost House, Terrace House, Semi-Detached House, Land, Condominium/Apartment, Detached House
Kampung Sungai Merab
Land, Semi-Detached House, Detached House, Terrace House
Taman Sutera
Terrace House, Condominium/Apartment, Semi-Detached House, Flat
Taman Kantan Permai
Low-Cost House, Terrace House
TTDI Grove
Terrace House, Semi-Detached House
Prima Saujana, Kajang
Terrace House, Detached House, Flat, Semi-Detached House
Sri Cempaka Apartment
Condominium/Apartment, Flat
Taman Bukit Kenangan Low Cost Apartment
Flat, Condominium/Apartment
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Nearby Transports
  • Taman Koperasi (MRT)

  • Balakong (MRT)

  • Bandar Tun Hussein Onn (MRT)

  • Saujana Impian (MRT)

  • Taman Cuepacs (MRT)

  • Bandar Kajang (MRT)

Nearby Schools
  • Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), Kampus Sungai Long

  • Kolej Mutiara

  • Kolej New Era

  • Beaconhouse Newlands Kuala Lumpur International School

  • Eaton International School

  • Krista Saujana Impian

  • Little Inventor Pre-School (Kajang)

  • Krista Bandar Tun Hussein Onn

  • Krista Taman Cendana

  • Beaconhouse Sri Murni

  • SK Seri Sekamat

  • Selangor

  • SK Saujana Impian (2)

  • SK Cheras Jaya

  • Selangor

  • SJK (C) Batu 9 Cheras

  • Selangor

  • SK Saujana Impian

  • SJK (C) Batu 11

  • Selangor

  • Selangor

  • SK Bandar Tun Hussein Onn

  • SK Taman Rakan

  • SK Sungai Kantan

  • SK Kantan Permai

  • SJK (C) Balakong

  • SK Desa Baiduri

  • Selangor

  • SK Bandar Tun Hussein Onn 2

  • Selangor

  • Selangor

  • Selangor

  • SJK (C) Yu Hua

  • SK Kajang

  • Selangor

  • SK Taman Puteri

  • SJK (T) Kajang

  • SK Jalan Semenyih '2' (Integ)

  • SK Jalan Semenyih '1' (Integ)

  • SJK (C) Connaught (2)

  • SK Taming Jaya

  • SJK (C) Sungai Chua

  • Selangor

  • Selangor

  • SK Convent (M)

  • SK Convent (M)

  • SK Leftenan Adnan

  • Selangor

  • SK (2) Jalan Bukit

  • SK Bukit Raya

  • Selangor

  • SK Jalan Bukit Satu

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Nearby Hospitals
  • Columbia Asia Hospital

  • Hospital Sungai Long Sdn Bhd

  • KPJ Kajang Specialist Hospital

  • Hospital Pusrawi SMC Sdn Bhd

  • Hospital Kajang

Nearby Shopping Malls
  • Plaza Metro Kajang

Nearby Clinics
  • Klinik Desa Sungai Sekamat (Government)

  • Klinik Aziani (Private)

  • Poliklinik Pertama (Private)

  • Pusat Rawatan Sungai Long (Private)

  • Klinik Kita (Private)

  • Klinik Rawatan Utama (Private)

  • Klinik Anda (Private)

  • Pusat Rawatan Impian (Private)

  • Poliklinik An-Nisa' (Private)

  • Klinik Kita (Private)

  • Poliklinik Az-Zahrah (Private)

  • Klinik Shaiffuddin (Private)

  • Poliklinik An-Nur (Private)

  • Poliklinik An-Nur Bandar Tun Hussein Onn (Private)

  • Klinik Suzana (Balakong) (Private)

  • Klinik Hooi (Private)

  • Klinik Mewah (Private)

  • Klinik Shafi (Private)

  • Poliklinik Ideal Sdn Bhd (Private)

  • Poliklinik Sungai Jelok (Private)

  • Klinik Keluarga (Cheras) (Private)

  • Pusat Perubatan Julia (Private)

  • Pusat Rawatan Jamilah (Private)

  • Klinik Alam Medic (Private)

  • Klinik Hasnida dan Rakan-Rakan (Private)

  • Klinik Dr Zurimah (Private)

  • Poliklinik Damai (Private)

  • Klinik Mediviron (Private)

  • Gill Medical Centre (Private)

  • Poliklinik Surgeri Jaswant (Balakong) (Private)

  • Klinik Ilham (Private)

  • Poliklinik Tanming Jaya (Private)

  • Klinik Borhan dan Surgeri (Private)

  • Poliklinik Zul dan Rakan-Rakan (Private)

  • Klinik Dr Karim (Private)

  • Klinik Lee (Jln Sulaiman) (Private)

  • Klinik Dr Lo (Private)

  • Klinik Desa Sungai Ramal Luar (Government)

  • Klinik Maha Rao (Private)

  • Klinik Kesihatan Batu 9 Cheras (Government)

  • Klinik Britan (Taman Bukit Anggerik) (Private)

  • Klinik Desa Balakong (Government)

  • Poliklinik Cahaya (Private)

  • Klinik Siva Surgeri (Private)

  • Klinik Lawrence Sdn Bhd (Private)

  • Klinik Mediviron (Private)

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Nearby Convenience Stores
  • 99 Speedmart (Taman Koperasi Cuepac)

  • 99 Speedmart (Taman Rakan Cheras)

  • 7-Eleven (Kasturi Business Plaza)

  • NSK Trade City (NSK Cheras Jaya)

  • 7-Eleven (Dataran C180, Cheras)

  • AEON Store & Shopping Centre (AEON Cheras Selatan Store & Shopping Centre)

  • NSK Trade City (Pemborong Runcit NSK (Balakong))

  • 99 Speedmart (Dataran C180)

  • 7-Eleven (J-Avenue BTHO)

  • 99 Speedmart (Kampung Baru Balakong)

  • 7-Eleven (Balakong Batu 11)

  • Econsave (Balakong)

  • 99 Speedmart (Taman Saujana Impian)

  • 7-Eleven (Sungai Long)

  • 99 Speedmart (Taman Cheras Prima)

  • MyMydin (MyMydin Sungai Long)

  • 99 Speedmart (Sungai Long 1)

  • 99 Speedmart (Taman Cheras Perdana)

  • 7-Eleven (Cheras Perdana)

  • 7-Eleven (Saujana Impian, Kjg)

  • 7-Eleven (Bandar Tun Hussein Onn)

  • (Tesco Kajang)

  • 7-Eleven (Mahkota Cheras)

  • 7-Eleven (Bandar Tun Hussien Onn 2)

  • MyMydin (MyMydin Bandar Tun Hussein Onn 1)

  • KK Super Mart (Bandar Mahkota Cheras)

  • 99 Speedmart (Bandar Mahkota Cheras 1)

  • 7-Eleven (Taman Megah, Cheras)

  • 99 Speedmart (Taman Impian Ehsan)

  • AEON BiG (Aeon Big Bandar Tun Hussien Onn)

  • 7-Eleven (Mahkota Cheras 2)

  • 7-Eleven (Desa Ria Cheras)

  • KK Super Mart (Taman Megah)

  • AEON Store & Shopping Centre (AEON Mahkota Cheras Store & Shopping Centre)

  • 99 Speedmart (Setia Balakong )

  • 99 Speedmart (Jalan Penggawa)

  • 7-Eleven (Taman Puncak Saujana, Kajang)

  • Econsave (Kajang)

  • 99 Speedmart (Taman Puncak Saujana)

  • Giant Supermarket (Giant Supermarket Balakong)

  • 99 Speedmart (Taman Sri Cheras)

  • Giant Superstore (Giant Superstore Prima Saujana)

  • 7-Eleven (Taman Setia Balakong)

  • 7-Eleven (Bandar Tun Hussein Onn)

  • Kamdar (Kajang)

  • Courts (Kajang)

  • 7-Eleven (Prima Saujana)

  • 7-Eleven (Metro Avenue Kajang)

  • 7-Eleven (Taman Damai Jaya)

  • 99 Speedmart (Taman Damai Jaya Cheras)

  • Giant Hypermarket (Giant Hypermarket Cheras)

  • 99 Speedmart (Taman Saga Emas)

  • 7-Eleven (Taman Taming Jaya)

  • 99 Speedmart (Taman Sri Kenari)

  • 99 Speedmart (Taman Taming Jaya)

  • 7-Eleven (Taman Tun Perak)

  • 7-Eleven (Jalan Sulaiman, Kajang)

  • 99 Speedmart (Sungai Long 2)

  • (Kajang (Jalan Besar))

  • 7-Eleven (Sentosa Villa, Kajang)

  • 99 Speedmart (Taman Seri Taming)

  • 99 Speedmart (Taman Majlis Jaya)

  • 99 Speedmart (Jade Hills)

  • 99 Speedmart (Bandar Mahkota Cheras 2)

  • Giant Supermarket (Giant Supermarket Kajang)

  • 7-Eleven (Kajang 2)

  • MyMydin (MyMydin Tun Perak)

  • Giant Superstore (Giant Superstore Cheras)

  • MyMart (MyMart Tun Perak)

  • KK Super Mart (Metropoint)

  • 7-Eleven (Kajang Metro Point)

  • Mydin Wholesale Emporium (Mydin Wholesale Emporium Kajang)

  • 99 Speedmart (Taman Tun Perak)

  • KK Super Mart (Taman Dahlia)

  • 7-Eleven (Jalan Bukit, Kajang)

  • 7-Eleven (Taman Bukit Anggerik)

  • (Giant Batu 9 Cheras)

  • 7-Eleven (Sungai Jelok, Kajang)

  • 7-Eleven (Bandar Damai Perdana)

  • 99 Speedmart (Damai Perdana)

  • 99 Speedmart (Taman Bukit Mewah 1)

  • 7-Eleven (Taman Bukit Angsana)

  • 99 Speedmart (Pearl Avenue)

  • 99 Speedmart (Cheras Kampung Baru Cina)

  • 99 Speedmart (Taman Bukit Angsana)

  • 99 Speedmart (Taman Bukit Cantik)

  • 7-Eleven (Taman Harmoni Indah)

  • 99 Speedmart (Taman Kajang Indah)

  • 99 Speedmart (Taman Putra Budiman)

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Nearby Restorants
  • Restoran Cui Yan

  • Aheko Hot Soup Restaurant

  • Fuza's Briyani Station

  • Zee Zee Cafe & Catering

  • Restoran Impian Maju Sdn Bhd

  • Hailam Kopitiam

  • Sate Kajang Hj. Samuri

  • Kedai Makanan Wan Fatt


  • Kajang Fei Chui Restaurant

  • Restoran Lian Hing

  • Restoran Ren Cheng

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Nearby Banks
  • Maybank (Cheras Selatan Branch)

  • OCBC (Al-Amin Balakong Xpres)

  • Public Bank (Taman Indah)

  • Hong Leong Bank (Balakong)

  • RHB (Taman Indah)

  • BSN (Balakong Branch)

  • AmBank (Balakong)

  • Hong Leong Bank (Bandar Sungai Long)

  • Maybank (Bandar Sg Long Branch)

  • AmBank (Bandar Mahkota Cheras)

  • Public Bank (Bandar Mahkota Cheras)

  • Citibank (Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, Cheras)

  • Hong Leong Bank (Bandar Mahkota Cheras)

  • Hong Leong Bank (Taman Tun Hussien Onn)

  • Bank Muamalat (Kajang)

  • Standard Chartered (Kajang)

  • RHB (Taman Taming Jaya)

  • Hong Leong Bank (Balakong)

  • CIMB (Taman Taming Jaya)

  • Maybank (Kajang Branch)

  • Al Rajhi (Kajang)

  • Public Bank (Sungai Chua)

  • Hong Leong Bank (Taman Seri Taming)

  • Hong Leong Bank (Kajang)

  • RHB (Kajang)

  • BSN (Kajang Branch)

  • Affin Bank (Kajang)

  • CIMB (Kajang)

  • OCBC (Kajang)

  • Alliance Bank (Kajang)

  • Bank Rakyat (Kajang)

  • Hong Leong Bank (Kajang)

  • Bank Islam (Kajang)

  • UOB (Cheras)

  • CIMB (Metro Point Kajang)

  • AmBank (Kajang)

  • Maybank (Alam Damai Branch)

  • CIMB (Taman Kajang Indah)

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Nearby Petrol Stations
  • Petronas (Silk Highway)

  • Petronas (Grand Saga 3, Kajang Bound)

  • Petronas (Aspartec Sdn Bhd)

  • BHP (Rasa Ria Saga)

  • Stesen Petronas NGV Klia Standalone

  • Caltex (Jalan Cheras, Taman Delima)

  • Shell (Jalan Cheras Batu 12 1/2)

  • Shell (Kajang Semenyih)

  • Petron (Grand Saga Northbound)

  • Shell (Bandar Sungai Long 1)

  • Petron (Grand Saga Southbound)

  • Shell (Cheras Perdana)

  • Petronas (Cheras Perdana)

  • Shell (Sungai Long 2)

  • Shell (Bandar Pinggiran Putra)

  • Shell (Persiaran Mahkota Cheras 2)

  • Petron (Ml 14 Jalan Cheras FS)

  • Petronas (Bandar Tun Hussein Onn 2)

  • Shell (Kajang Bypass)

  • Stesen Minyak dan Servis Petronas Prima Saujana 1

  • Shell (Prima Saujana Kajang Bypass)

  • Petronas (Bandar Tun Hussein Onn 1)

  • Petronas (Petronas Grand Saga 1)

  • BHP (Jalan Semenyih 2)

  • Petronas (Balakong 2)

  • Petronas (Petronas Taman Taming Jaya)

  • Petron (Sungai Chua,)

  • Shell (Kajang Town Sin Kee Sang)

  • BHP (Jalan Sungai Chua)

  • Petronas (Ramal Dalam)

  • Stesen Minyak dan Servis Petronas Jalan Persiaran Jaya

  • Petronas (Batu 1 Jalan Semenyih, Kajang)

  • Petronas (Damai Perdana)

  • Shell (Balakong)

  • Caltex

  • Petronas (Abex Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (I))

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Nearby Police Stations
  • Balai Polis Komuniti Bandar Sungai Long

  • Balai Polis Komuniti Bandar Tun Hussin Onn

  • Balai Polis Komuniti Taming Jaya

  • Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah Kajang

  • Balai Polis Batu 9

  • Pondok Polis Komuniti Taman Desa Pinggiran Putra